17 April 2008

Ceramic For Mix teacup

As reported in Nothing to To with Arbroath this morning:
The teaspoon could become a thing of the past after the invention of a mug that can stir liquid by itself. All a drinker has to do to work the clever cup is gently swirl it. This sets in motion a ceramic ball positioned at the bottom of the mug that stirs the contents... "The ball is put into a slightly protruding base to keep it in place when stirring and drinking. Users gently move the cup, like you would when swirling a glass of cognac, and the action pushes the ball around. The ceramic ball mixes all various sugars and milk at the same time, thus eliminating the need for a spoon. When you drink it the ball is blocked by the gravity in the recess of the glass. This eliminates the need for a spoon."
To anyone who has ever worked in a lab, this appears to have been inspired by the magnetic stir bars in the bottom of a Pyrex flask. Very clever.

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