25 April 2008

The Gray Lady is "bracing for a bloodbath"

"The New York Times newsroom is bracing for a bloodbath in the next 10 days." So says NY Post columnist Keith Kelly. The word from inside is that approximately 50 unionized journalists have accepted the buyout proposal... That means the ax could fall on as many as 30 editorial people in the company's first-ever mass firing of journalists in its 156-year history. Executive Editor William Keller had said originally that he was looking to cut 100 people from the Times staff in response to the dismal newspaper advertising environment...(More info at the Raw Story website, which is citing the NY Post.)
I don't have a personal opinion on this - just blogging it because I thought it is an interesting development. But I liked these comments on the Reddit discussion board:

Xtal: "I remember the newspapers dying like huge moths. No one wanted them back. No one missed them." (citing Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451)

pillage: except nothing replaced those newspapers, well, except for TV screens the size of walls, but that's pure science fiction....

msdesireeg: Yeah, that could never, like, happen.

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