30 April 2008

Superb Paleolithic art

I previously blogged about the deteriorating conditions of the famous cave paintings at Lascaux. On a more upbeat note, there is another extensive cave system - the Chauvet Cave - that also has spectacular Paleolithic art. Especially when you consider that the images embedded above were drawn 30,000 years ago - it's truly impressive artwork.

More info at THIS LINK, and at the Chauvet Cave interactive site. Credit to Scribal Terror.

1 comment:

  1. "This 'Art' or historic record is most essential in the determining ancient ancestral occupations. I, for one, find these ancient illustrations invaluable to ascertain Humans in a time when all of our environment was a different world. I would only insist that these stories be compiled and told to our species. What a wonderful link and forensic research potential.


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