22 April 2008

Snickers, the Castaway Dog

Blogging while watching primary election returns can be mind-numbing. Sometimes - for the sake of whatever readers are out there, as well as for my own sanity - I have to "come up for air" with a heartwarming story. This is such a story, as related in Nothing To Do With Arbroath. The 8-month-old dog spent three months adrift in the Pacific with his owners and a parrot until their sailboat ran aground on one of the coral atolls of Kiribati. Snickers and Gulliver had to be left behind when their owners were picked up by a cargo vessel that didn't permit pets. When Kiribati officials announced that the animals would have to be destroyed, an SOS was sent out via a boating journal, and in response staff from Norwegian Cruise Lines rescued Snickers, and Hawaiian airlines delivered him to Hawai'i - for free. Now a network of bird lovers is working on a rescue for the macaw.

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