15 April 2008

A heartwarming story

Blogging can be a mind-numbing experience - visit dozens of websites each morning, read a few hundred stories about the state of the world. There is so much gloom and doom that the occasional uplifting story is a welcome relief. This is one such story.

Johnny Bryant is a 58-yo mentally impaired man who saved up $151,000 in a profit-sharing account after working for more than three decades stocking shelves at various grocery stores. Because he cannnot read or do math, he trusted a younger woman to help him and set up a joint checking account. She proceeded to help herself to most of his life savings.

The jury found her guilty, but more importantly, after hearing the testimony they were so touched by the situation that they decided to donate their $166 juror's fees to start a fund to help Mr. Bryant. The prosecuting attorney decided to chip in as well. The full story is here at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Now if someone can tell the idiots at the IRS to stop dunning Mr. Bryant for $40,000 in taxes and penalties for "cashing out his retirement fund early." Sheesh.

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