21 February 2020

Divertimento #174

This will be the first gif-fest of 2020.  (Note: some gifs are fuzzy when first viewed, but if allowed to buffer and be replayed, they become sharper). 

A man builds an indoor treehouse for his kids.
Origami pockets within pockets
Why you should wash your chili peppers
Drone clears leaves from a woodland path
Art created with a pendulum
Impressive password (but lacks numbers for security)
Next-level electric bike
Teleportation caught on security camera
Creating a stencil in concrete
Seashore sand art

Nature and Science
A desert "sandfall" (these are actually sand-laden waterfalls in wadis)
Bionic limb demonstrated
Time-lapse of snowfall in Newfoundland (more here)
Sea foam in a Spanish city street
Sympathetic resonance demonstrated in (silent) gif
Icelandic waterfall
Ground-to-cloud lightning

Pet coyote plays with cat
Mother stork discards one of her chicks
I've encountered stick insects in the Minnesota woods, but this one must be tropical
An Australian family saved koalas from the wildfires
Head stability of a kingfisher
Bear does vertical rock climb
Woodpecker feeds from a man's hand
Dog in Lima, Peru on a skateboard
Viper defensive motion

I've lost the backstory, but the result is obvious
Child walks on a ledge (no injury)
Terrible bicycle/railroad crossing 
Young boy learns basic physics 
There are ways to clear snow from patio furniture; this isn't one of them

Impressive or clever
Basement stairs
This man has obviously chopped firewood before
Frosting a cake
Awesome optical illusion
Cats-cradle in the form of a star
Cutting spinach noodles
How to make a cloud
Pianist practiced the wrong piece for a concert performance - still nailed it.  I would like to find the full video, because this deserves a separate post.  Found it!  Enjoy it here for now, but I'll post it as a standalone item in a couple days.
Australian wildfire footage.  Note the very brief time from danger to catastrophe.

Sports and athleticism
These are called "strap-on leg sleds."
Wheel-thingy in a gymnasium
Jump into the lake holding a rubber ball
Amazing lawn bowls shot
Three-point behind-the-back shot
Man makes "Zamboni" for neighborhood ice rink

Humor or cheerful
Dog helps girl during her workout
After getting treat, dog does "zoomies"
Stolen dog returned to its owner
Great Dane service dog
Father of alopecia girl has her shave his head for an awareness video

The embedded images are selections from extensive galleries of photos of trivets at Trivetology - an interesting blog compiled by a TYWKIWDBI reader.


  1. Not sure what "Basement Stairs" was supposed to be but it links to a yoga workout video getting interrupted by a dog.

  2. "Strap-On Leg Sleds" was a terrible missed opportunity - should have been "Sknees."

    1. What an awesome answer! I can't stop laughing! :-)

    2. Claps for "Sknees".

      Also, will I kill my lawn if I build an ice rink that way?

    3. Anon, I don't think so. My father and a lot of other Midwestern dads used to flood our back yard with a garden hose in the winter so we could skate. I don't remember any adverse side effects.

    4. Ok, thank you for the reassurance. I will give it a try as weather permits.

    5. Here you go -





    6. Ok, I'm inspired. At the very least, I'll set the world record for the smallest ice rink.

  3. You had me at the tree house!!!

  4. The mice in the chilis surprise me quite a bit. My understanding was that capsaicin was an evolved defense by the plant against mammals like them and us digesting their seeds. Avians are known not to have a receptor for the stuff so to them chilis are just another delicious type of berry. Which is exactly as the plant "wants" it in order to spread their seeds.

    I would be interested to know more. Perhaps the chilis are a low capsaicin variety or perhaps the mice are starving and desperate or perhaps they have developed a taste for it as humans have.

  5. Wonderful, as always! On a side note, is it just me or does r/interestingasfuck has more things that are awesome (cool, wicked, amazing, insert age-appropriate equivalent of your choice here) as fuck rather than interesting? To me, "interesting" implies learning something new, which seems to apply to less than half of the posts there, other than "this exists". Maybe it's a language thing though.

  6. the 'wheel thingy' is a human size version of spinning a penny and watching it slow down and stop. that makes me want to do that!


  7. An anonymous reader identified the source of the cars through the ice:

    Russian cars broken through ice:



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