04 February 2020

Cap machine gun (1959)

Found on the inside back cover of a 1959 Walt Disney comic book.  I have fond memories, not of the cap guns per se, but of the roll of caps.  We used to get a strip of caps from the dime store, tear them into individual segments, pile them up probably 6-8 deep on the sidewalk, and them smash them with a hammer.  It resulted in a much more satisfactory explosion than the little bang of a cap gun (and left a black star on the cement).  And that wonderful smell...

Addendum:  Found this photo today on the Pics subreddit:


  1. You and your fancy, schmancy hammers! We used rocks. :) But the smell was great.

  2. a much more satisfactory explosion...black star... wonderful smell...

    and it always startled even the hammerer, and left ears ringing.


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