03 February 2020

Can someone identify this plant for me ?

I'm using the cold winter weather as a time to scan all my memorabilia photo albums to digital form to save space and facilitate sharing.  One image has me puzzled a bit.

The photo was taken in 1968 in the family room of my old home in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.  The print is dated January (and I think that's a Christmas poinsettia on the floor next to the tall plant).  What impresses me in retrospect is that this plant was able to survive (and thrive) with the minimal light it would be afforded during short winter days at that latitude.

It may have been grown outdoors in the garden or patio and then moved in for the winter, rather than growing there in situ.  I have no clue.  Nothing important.  Just curious.

Addendumseveral votes for a consensus sunflower.


  1. It looks like a sunflower to me.

  2. I agree, sunflower

  3. Only saw this now, but can agree: sunflower.

  4. Yep, my daughter the local sunflower savant, says it is a sunflower, though not in the best of health in that picture...

  5. Is there a type of sunflower that lives in low light? Perhaps it's a fiddle leaf fig. The structure isn't exact but they can do fine in low light.

    1. Interesting thought, but given the circumstances and my family's interest in gardening, I think now it must have been an ordinary sunflower rescued from the garden or patio in the fall and hanging on for dear life in January.


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