15 September 2015

"Please use your considerable intelligence to review this material"

A letter from California governor Jerry Brown to presidential candidate Ben Carson.


  1. IT's not evidence as long as I can pretend hard enough.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Please, please, please tell me this is real. No matter what you choose to believe, this shows absolutely unheard of awesomeness for an elected official of any level, much less the executive of one of the world's largest economies. Sheer brilliance!

    1. Yep, he really did this. Brown has a long reputation of not suffering fools and making your life a living hell if you go back on him in a deal. But, if you intelligently debate him, it doesn't matter how long it goes or how nasty it sometimes gets. I don't think this applies this round but, the previous terms he was governor (before the term limits law), there was a restaurant with a patio in downtown Sacramento that he would frequent and he'd have a chess board. It was an open secret that anybody could go up to him and challenge him to a game.


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