21 July 2014


"A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered to help police throw the book at whoever torched a “Little Free Library” — a wooden house-shaped box atop a post — along a residential street in south Minneapolis...  Anyone with information is urged to call the Minnesota Arson Reward Project at 1-800-723-2020.

There are more than 12,000 Little Free Libraries around the world, a movement started in 2009 by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks of Wisconsin when Bol built a model of a one-room schoolhouse as a tribute to his mother, a former teacher who loved reading."
Photo: Provided by Minneapolis Police.


  1. Your post title summarizes the crime perfectly.

  2. Book burning is indeed despicable, but burning one of these free libraries deserves a more pejorative word. Vile? Its anagram, Evil?

  3. I can think of only two motives: (1) stupid childish "prank" / playing with fire or (2) the urge to censor, usually for religious reasons.

    I suppose that
    (3) petty neighborhood squabble / doesn't like strange people in the neighborhood going to and from the library
    is also an option.


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