10 November 2023

Parkinson's patient able to ambulate normally after spinal implant

"The first patient to receive a spinal implant to treat advanced Parkinson’s disease has described experiencing “a rebirth” after the treatment allowed him to walk again without falling over.

Marc, 63, from Bordeaux, France, was diagnosed with the degenerative disease more than 20 years ago and had developed severe mobility problems, including balance impairments and freezing of gait. After receiving the implant, which aims to restore normal signalling to the leg muscles from the spine, he has been able to walk more normally and regained his independence.

“I practically could not walk any more without falling frequently, several times a day. In some situations, such as entering a lift, I’d trample on the spot, as though I was frozen there, you might say,” he said. “Right now, I’m not even afraid of the stairs any more. Every Sunday I go to the lake, and I walk around 6 kilometres [3.7 miles]. It’s incredible.” "
Outstanding news reported in The Guardian.  I found this relevant report in Nature.

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  1. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 5 years ago. Mobility issues have become worse in the past year with more frequent falls. Good news is rare. I am glad to hear of a potentially life-changing treatment. Thank you.


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