21 November 2023

"Fargo" (season 5)

The official trailer is embedded above, and here is an extended "preview" that might include some spoilers re plot development (trigger warning for graphic mayhem):

I thought Juno Temple was superb in the Ted Lasso series.  Interesting to see her cast as a housewife-turned-ninja-warrior.  

I expect to thoroughly enjoy this ten-part series.  The first two parts premier tonight on the FX channel, which is included in many cable packages, and Fargo streams on Hulu.  DVDs not in libraries yet.  

Addendum:  The downside of watching the current series on the FX channel is the superabundance of ads.   I tried to watch "live" on opening night, but after the first ten minutes of program, there was a series of ads... twelve in a row taking four minutes.  Then after 7.5 minutes of program, there was another 4 minutes of ads, and this sequence repeated until I finally gave up.  The DVR was recording, so I watched both opening episodes the following night, fast-forwarding through the commercial breaks.  Life is too short to spend time watching Flo sell Progressive life insurance.  

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