10 November 2023


A Speckled Racer (Drymobius margaritiferus) in south Texas.  Beautiful.  Best comment at the via: "Non venomous but it sure looks dangerous. Judging by its striking color and pattern it's likely that it evolved to camouflage itself among piles of early 90's neckties."

Reposted from 2021 to add this photo of a milk snake (Lampropeltis triangulum) -

- posted by Marcie O'Connor in the monthly journal of her incomparable Prairie Haven blog.  She reports that the snake exhibited constrictor behavior while looped on her fingers.


  1. I had an unfortunate run in with a snake today. Or I should say a snake had an unfortunate run in with my lawn mower. I didn't see it and it raised it's head up when the mower went over it. And it was just a poor little (12") garter snake. The kind you want to have around to keep the rodent population down.

    1. When I was growing up in 1950s-60s Minneapolis suburbs, garter snakes were regular features of yards and gardens. Now for the past 20 years in a comparable Madison Wisconsin suburb I haven't seen a single one. I miss them, because we are overrun with chipmunks and flower- and veggie-eating rabbits.

    2. The racer gave me the best laugh I've had so far today and somebody's got to say it "red next to black friend to Jack, red next to yella kills a fella"
      Which is not universally true, so it's best to stay on your toes and keep your hands off the sneks

  2. The best way I can remember a coral snake color is to think of a red light...how red is next to yellow. If you see that, BACK UP.

    I still recall with a chill running over a snake in the back yard when I lived in Tampa. It came out in, I think, five pieces. ALL OF THEM WIGGLING!!!

    I parked the mower and called it a day.


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