01 November 2023

A very enjoyable movie

BUT... if you trust me and agree with my previous movie reviews, I would recommend you do not watch the embedded trailer.

One problem with extended trailers like this one (two and a half minutes) is that they often give away the entire plot, rather than just offering a subject matter and a mood.  I found Jules in a list of library DVD new acquisitions, and reserved it based on the cast and a high Rotten Tomatoes score, but I had not seen this trailer.  So, when I watched the movie one evening this week, I was recurrently and pleasantly surprised by various developments that are unfortunately clearly revealed in the trailer.

This is a science-fiction/fantasy movie that requires a significant suspension of disbelief (undetected UFO crash in a backyard, and an alien sitting on your living room couch).  Once you accept those premises (perhaps reinforced by your favorite recreational beverage or substance), you can enjoy a delightful movie.  Ben Kingsley is absolutely superb in his portrayal of an elderly man who is worried about the possible development of senile dementia.  There are several laugh-out-loud scenes (especially his visit to a grocery store) that derive their humor from the absolutely deadpan presentation of a seemingly-impossible situation.

The movie is not currently streaming for free, but you should be able to borrow the DVD from your library (our library has about a hundred "holds" for 30 copies, so a wait of about three weeks).


  1. I checked out Jules thanks to this post and enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for the recommend. It was such an adorable and charming movie, and the performances were GREAT. Loved it

  2. Oh dear. Since the warning not to watch the trailer came after the trailer, I clicked on the trailer before I read it. But I did stop watching after the first minute, since that was enough to convince me I wanted to see the move. I hope(?) that was early enough to avoid any spoilers.

  3. Loved this film. Complete surprise!


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