01 November 2023

Bird's nest

A sad commentary on our current environment.  Photo credit Danni Thompson, via The Guardian.


  1. When I was doing bird nest box monitoring, the sparrow nests were easy to identify. In addition to natural materials, they also used all sorts of garbage.

  2. Also an inspiring commentary on the resilience and adaptability of life.

  3. Depressing as this may be, at least the positive side is that the birds are making good use of our waste. Talk about recycling! My fellow Dutchman Auke-Florian Hiemstra does fascinating research on the topic.

  4. The birds aren't using the rubbish, they built their nest with the three eggs amid the trash washed up on an island.
    Danni Thompson is in Scotland, and a self described, “PhD researcher - drivers of foraging behaviour specialisation in #FalklandsShags”.
    However she doesn't name the island or type bird.


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