14 November 2023

Family reunion, 1976

The families of six Finseth siblings who grew up on a Norwegian family farm in southern Minnesota in the 1920s gathered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1976 for a memorable reunion.  Many thanks to cousin Karl, now in Barcelona, who found his father's 8mm home movie and this year managed to get the film transferred to a digital format, which he shared, and from which I made the screencaps above.  After the human pyramid collapsed, the older generation gathered for this group photo.

Posted for the participants in that backyard pyramid, who this Thanksgiving are now scattered from Oregon to Florida and from to Barcelona to Peru.


  1. "Now let's do one like a family tree, where we put great-grandma up top and all the little kids on the bottom..."

  2. That is a very charming smile by the woman in the first photo.


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