01 November 2023

"No way to prevent this..."

I honestly hate to recurrently cite The Onion on this topic, but it continues to be true.  Today's other stories include Exhausted Doctors Pronounce Patient Dead EnoughThe Onion Stands With Israel Because It Seems You Get In Less Trouble With That, and Florida Students Locked In Decontamination Room After Exposure To Book.


  1. I've been told it's not a gun problem, it's a *heart* problem. The human heart is evil. That's why only America sees all these mass shootings, because only Americans are human beings. Or something.

  2. A vigil in Maine. Hilary Swift for The New York Times this morning saying how it was getting better from 1991 until 2016 through state laws.

  3. Stories of Mass Shootings in the US are relegated to the second half of the news in Australia, because they are no longer news, just another day in the US, sad but true, we are numb to your acts of violence against each other and cannot understand why you don't do anything about it, we care but have become resigned to the idea that nothing will change.


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