14 January 2022

This is a truly remarkable adventure story

This is another book I've just given a "goodbye read" to, after having first read it decades ago.  Unlike my typical format with recommended books posts, I'm not going to insert any excerpts, because it would be hard to know what to select.  Notably, this is not a tale of discovery or the "conquest" of nature - on the contrary it's an extended narrative about human survival in the world's most inhospitable environment.


  1. I've read this one many times and given it to many people. My dad brought it home after he went to Antarctica and I still have the copy. One of the best reads of all time.

  2. Such an amazing story.
    One of those spoiler thingees: What could, and maybe should, have been one of the worst disasters all time ended up with no one lost!
    Sliding down a frozen mountain (after one of the most fraught sea voyages ever) for the penultimate leg defied imagination.
    Good choice. I hope you have a good recipient in mind.
    And, oh yeah, the photographs.

    1. It's going to a neighbor down the street who worked for the DNR and loves the outdoors. And I agree re the photos - amazing that the crew continued to lug those presumably heavy photo plates with them.


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