17 January 2022

Corner pianos

Said to be at the Australian Piano Warehouse in Melbourne.  Pic via.  And apparently it's not unique:


  1. Is this piano playable? It looks like an ornamental piece to me.

  2. Not if you have diagonal fingers

  3. Anything involving large stretches would apparently best be done with crossed hands. Anything hanging right round middle C would be stupidly hard. I would love to know what Mozart would have thought of one of these (yes, clearly the illustrated examples are much later). I am not aware of a thorough, systematic survey of "freakish" musical instruments down the centuries: someone should do that.

    1. With regard to your query about Mozart, perhaps this is the type of piano that Emperor Joseph II would have wanted Mozart to use, to correct the problem of "too many notes."

  4. Genius idea. I have a piano that cannot be tuned, and I can't afford to have it hauled off. I should get that miter saw out and make it smaller, shove it into a corner, and make room for a china cabinet.

    Although I would make the key covers believable.

  5. Wher's middle-C
    hopefully it's not smack in the corner.
    You'd have thought they would not have reduced the key sizes in the corners. Just omit the corner itslef.
    I think these must be decorative pianos.


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