02 January 2022

The "Dog Sack" (Popular Mechanics, 1935)

Some salient commentary at the via.

Addendum:  Reader Kolo Jezdec found this more crashworthy variant -

- in an old post at Vintage News Daily (which is apparently the original source for the canvas dog sack as well).


  1. Running Boards: Traveling in Cars With Your Dogs in the 1930s


  2. Well, as Mitt Romney taught us, you don't need this, just strap the dog crate to the roof and hose them down when you get to your destination.

  3. Or, as LBJ taught us, just pick them up by the ears to get their attention...

  4. Finally! A dog gets to ride the whole way with the wind in his face!

  5. Still in use in helicopters - I saw it in a documentary on bringing sheep down from the mountains in New Zealand, where they take the shepherds and their dogs up the mountain by helicopter, and they herd the sheep down. Unfortunately I cannot find any footage from this, but found this example:


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