28 March 2021

"We all have the right to do what we want to do as Americans"

Thus tweeted the owners of a New Jersey gym that is offering free memberships to people who DON'T get the Covid-19 vaccine.  This action is being taken in response to Krispy Kreme's announcement that "anyone who could produce a valid COVID-19 vaccination card could get a free original glazed doughnut "anytime, any day, even every day — through the remainder of 2021."

Backlash against Krispy Kreme:
"I can’t believe people actually fall for this propaganda," another tweeted. "...amazing how many weak minded gullible ignorant people are walking around this planet right now... throw your life away...reprogram your DNA .. all for a card showing you cooperated.. and a donut."


  1. I won't argue with the freedom to make this offer, but how does one prove that they have not been vaccinated? The linked article did not enlighten us as to how you prove a negative.

    It would seem to me that if folks overindulge on the Krispy Kreme offer, they might need a gift membership. They could get a free one here simply be telling the owners they did not get a shot. Win-win.

    "I could do what I want, it's a free country." Hear that a lot from middle school aged children.

  2. It's all a ruse !

    Seems people can get a fake Covid virus test from overseas, come into New Zealand ... and then fly out to the U.S.A. to get a free misspelt Krispy Kreme doughnut.

    Reckon it would be easier to buy a stand mixer and do it yourself.


    I do wonder why companies intentionally misspell words (Kreme ? really ?) I guess to attract notice, but for me I just see a misspelt word and that makes me not want to go there ... because maybe stupidity IS catching.

    I type lol so my words don't come across as threatening.

    1. Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation was founded in Winston-Salem (NC) in 1937 by Vernon Rudolph. A few years earlier Rudolph's uncle, a Paducah, Ky., storeowner, had purchased a secret yeast-raised doughnut recipe and the copyrighted name Krispy Kreme from New Orleans chef Joe LeBeau.

    2. I move away from the mic to breathe in.

    3. WilliamRocket, Krispy Kreme is not offering free donuts to people who take a COVID test.They are offering free donuts to people who get the vaccine. I got my second shot today, but sadly, the closest Krispy Kreme bakery is quite far away. You can get them in grocery stores, but not single donuts, and certainly not free.

  3. Everybody knows their rights - nobody knows their duties an obligations as a citizen.

  4. good luck with battling Polio with your methods

  5. "We all have the right to do what we want to do as Americans"

    No, you don't. And you know it. The USC and your state laws are full of things you can't do. Murder, rape, collusion, tax evasion, and skiing intoxicated are all banned.

    Most states also have laws against spreading communal diseases on purpose. For good reasons.

    I like the freedom of not having to worry that I'm gonna get infected with deadly disease by someone else, be it an idiot or not.

  6. WilliamRocket, the deliberate misspelling of product names is an artifact of American trademark law. Since a trademark restricts use of a word or phrase, no one is allowed to trademark "ordinary" words. You can't trademark "crispy" or "cream" but you can trademark "krispy kreme." I have only a casual knowledge of this so I'm not sure what the exact limitations are. I remember reading a couple of years ago that Marvel and DC had acquired a joint trademark on the word "superhero" even though that's a generic term. I suppose that was money talking.

  7. What about free membership for those who don't wash their hands after going to the toilet? Or who never wash their gym clothes? Or who spit on the equipment?

  8. "Stupid is as stupid does." Thus sayeth Forrest Gump.


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