12 March 2021

The leadership of the world is changing

Offered without commentary except for the title of the post.

This video was emailed to me by a family member on International Women's Day earlier this week.  Unfortunately this copy appears to be pirated from the original because the credits have been removed.  If anyone can find a YouTube link to the original, I'd like to switch to that.


  1. oops, posted that too soon...never mind

    1. Right. That's not the original either ("Special thanks to my sister, the photographer Adrienne Adam, for forwarding me the original video with different sound. We both have scoured the internet and have not yet found the video's creator in order to credit her.")

  2. So true here in New Zealand, female Prime Minister, female Opposition leader, female co-leader of the third party.
    Of the 65 members of the leading Labour party, 36 are women.

  3. Coming? Been here. Hierarchy and the elites. Always morphing, always the same: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_regnant


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