10 March 2021

The most impressive drone video I've ever seen

Certainly not the most beautiful drone video, but in terms of technical accomplishment it is absolutely awesome.  It must have been very small to go where it did, and the video definition is excellent.  The audio ?dubbed in or ?copter blade whirr deleted?  And the speed - at times it looks "speeded up," but the motions of the humans are appropriate.  So kudos to the operator for dexterity.

Addendum:  An article in the Minneapolis paper about the making of this video.  No CGI.  One take.


  1. that youtube user has a couple of other equally impressive drone videos.


  2. The audio is certainly dubbed in, but well done. The flying is incredible, and I can't help but wonder how the drone didn't go out of signal range for what had to be FPV piloting.

  3. I saw this yesterday, I believe. I cannot help but believe that there must be some sort of CGI or other special effects going on, since I can't imagine that anyone controlling the drone could respond so fast and with such precision to tight spaces and turns. It's possible, of course, that someone is in fact that adroit, but that would almost seem to be at the superhuman level--and if not, then that person ought to be signed up for the Air Force, since we'd only need one plane and one pilot to take on the world.

    1. AaronS, see the article in the link I just appended to the post. :-)


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