15 March 2021

Music trivia to start your day

Last night Beyonce took over the #1 spot for most Grammys awarded to a female performer.   Few people know that the person she overtook to gain the #1 spot is Alison Krauss, a bluegrass singer with 27 Grammys to her credit.

In the video embedded above Alison Krauss performs a duet with the legendary Robert Plant (who sang it quite differently in his 1973 duet with Jimmy Page).

Hat tip to John Authers for the info and links.


  1. Alison Krauss was not yet 5 months old when this song was released in December, 1971. The name comes from a black lab that hung around the home/studio the band was using.

    The 1973 recording also featured John Paul Jones (bass) and John Bonham (drums). Jimmy Page played the electric guitar like he invented it. Best rock 'n roll band of the 70s, IMO.

    Interesting to see and hear Robert Plant sing that song so differently with Krauss.

  2. Here is Alison Krauss and Robert Plant at the 2009 Grammy Awards. This one gives you a bit more of Alison.



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