11 December 2020

Five minutes of fantasy worlds

Via Nag on the Lake and Neatorama.

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  1. A few things came to me as I watched....

    1:16 could be a Dali painting.

    2:02 could be when the statue in Ozymandius poem was first set up.

    2:07 could be the mountain of fire in Exodus (Mt. Sinai).

    2:12 reminds me somewhat of Shiprock, NM--that massive tower of rock in the distance.

    3:05 could be a scene from "Apocalypto."

    3:22 harks to the opening scene of the sci-fi movie "Prometheus."

    3:43 is DECIDEDLY based on a Dali painting.

    4:14 reminds me of of the movies "Stargate" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

    4:19 "The Martian" with Matt Damon.


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