19 August 2016

How Viennetta is made

The original Viennetta was a multi-layered product comprising layers of vanilla ice cream with sprayed-on layers of compound chocolate. The layers of ice cream were extruded, one after another, onto trays sitting on a moving belt. The rate of extrusion was greater than the speed of the belt which caused a deliberate "bunching" of the ice cream; each layer was extruded at a different speed from the previous layer. The final effect was akin to a series of waves rippling through the product. Allegedly, this effect was originally unintended by Kevin's team. However, it was swiftly recognised as a winner, and the product was launched with the "bunching".
I'd be happy to clean up that waste barrel near the end of the assembly line.


  1. That's so mesmerizing! I know what's for dessert tonight...

  2. Vienneta has always a case ofr me that shows that presentation is half the work. Let's be honest, that ice cream is not that good.


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