23 August 2016

"Super fancy dorm rooms at Ole Miss are a thing"

As reported by the StarTribune:
Two first-year students [at the University of Mississippi] turned their drab dorm rooms into a lavish luxury suite complete with tufted upholstered head boards, gold-plated lamps and monogrammed satin pillows -- all coordinated better than a Pottery Barn Teen catalog...
Suddenly, other students started tweeting photos of their own luxuriously-decorated dorm rooms. The apparent trend of these interior design magazine-worthy dorm rooms has been reported on by BuzzFeed, USA Today, CBS News and TeenVogue.com.

I'll defer any commentary.  This is an alternate reality from my collegiate experience.


  1. What are the chances that two (random) roommates would agree on a decorating scheme? My better half and I have not agreed on a decorating theme in our 30+ years together.

  2. The Gaja Priya post is spam.

    As to the article pics: These are indistinguishable from ad pics for college-age lesbian porn. First thing that crossed the ol' cranium.


    1. Lurker, that Gaja Priya comment somehow got through the spam filter and the comment-monitoring system here. I've deleted it, but I hope that's not a new trick by the spammers.

  3. I am a frequent reader and graduate of Ole Miss. I know one of the girls tangentially (I go to church with her aunt and uncle). This is a recent phenomenon. Most of the roommates are "pre-existing" friends and plan their decor together. They are provided with a desk, bed, and dresser. A desk chair used to be provided, but I'm not sure if it still is in every dorm. Those who are "randomly" assigned still get their assignment 3 months before school begins. Some of these are passed down from year to year to other sets of roommates or are sold. Many of these students are affluent, and some hire design companies to decorate. It's not shocking to locals, but it is sort of mind-blowing to compare to my freshman year there 13 years ago (decorated with carpet remnant on the floor, futon from Walmart, and posters bought outside the student union the first week of class).

  4. It does seem that "these kids today" are doing things so differently. Sometimes it seems entitled and wasteful -ridiculous, over the top weddings, etc. But sometimes I think hey, why not?! Just because our parents never would have provided anything more than basic....


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