04 August 2016

Urban flooding - and the aftermath

Many news outlets carried at least portions of the above video showing the response of restaurant patrons to the recent torrential street flooding in Ellicott City, Maryland.

I thought the one below was equally impressive.  It was filmed by someone walking down the street in the aftermath of the flood.  I'm pleased that he/she deferred commentary and let the images speak for themselves.  Note how the sidewalks are scoured away.


  1. Particularly sad since so many American towns no longer have thriving, functioning downtown areas, as seems to have been the case here.

    1. and the box store parking lots are designed to handle huge water run offs and often have holding ponds.


  2. This is close to where I live. Our basement also flooded, but nothing like this event. The town is built in a steep ravine, the river did not rise, the water came down the hill. There is also a creek that goes parallel to the roadway; some house are actually built over the creek, as this restaurant is one of them. The houses are in a row with solid rock walls instead of back yards on both sides of the road, which is four lanes wide, two lanes for parking. With seven days of near 100-degree days with no rain, getting 6 + inches of rain within two hours was devastating. The town is the county seat and was founded in 1803.

  3. That is terrifying. I can only imagine being a motorist caught in such a deluge. If my children were in the car, I'd be panicking like crazy.


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