12 February 2020

Family "selfies," 1910

I don't know their names; they presumably are from the Finseth branch of the family that moved from Minnesota to the Washington/Oregon area about the turn of the last century.

They seem to be enthusiastic adopters of photographic technology and to be delighted with their pear tree.

Reposted from 2017 to add two more photos I found this week while digitizing our family photo albums:

The couple having a snuggle at a picnic in the second photo are probably the same as the ones showing off the pear tree, and perhaps also are seated and lying in front of the "pioneer" family in the bottom image.  A few indications in the minimally-annotated album suggest that the log home belonged to relatives living in the Washington-Oregon area - almost certainly Norwegians, either first- or second-generation immigrants.


  1. I am delighted with the gentleman's mustache.

  2. That is a lovely looking pear tree, and also a truly epic mustache.


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