27 July 2022

Why Russia has not yet conquered Ukraine

Nearly five months into its senseless war against Ukraine, Russia has concocted a wild new explanation for why the Kremlin’s plans for a quick takeover fell apart so spectacularly—because Ukrainian troops were turned into superhuman killing machines during “secret experiments” in American-run biolabs, of course.

Never mind the myriad reports of Russian troops refusing to fight by the thousands, sabotaging their own shoddy equipment and even deliberately wounding themselves to abandon the war, Russian lawmakers claim the real setback for Moscow was “drugged up” Ukrainian soldiers.

That claim was made Monday by two Russian lawmakers heading up a commission to investigate “biolaboratories” in Ukraine, Kommersant reported...

“And we see: the cruelty and barbarity with which the military personnel of Ukraine behave, the crimes that they commit against the civilian population, those monstrous crimes that they commit against prisoners of war, confirm that this system for the control and creation of a cruel murder machine was implemented under the management of the United States,” Yarovaya was quoted telling reporters.../

The claims appeared to be a new take on the biolabs conspiracy theory that Russia’s Defense Ministry has routinely rolled out to try and justify the war.

While the conspiracy theory dates all the way back to the Soviet Union, it has been amplified more frequently by Kremlin figures after the Feb. 24 invasion, as Moscow’s initial claim that it invaded Ukraine in order to “de-Nazify” a country led by a Jewish president failed to gain much traction beyond its own domestic propaganda.
One almost has to admire the brazenness and audacity of these outright lies.  It sort of reminds me of.... 


  1. The Ukrainian soldiers are eating borshch and varenyky - Ukrainian super foods!

    1. re varenyky, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierogi

  2. In Ukrainian cookery, "varenyky" (called "pierogi" in Poland) are boiled. Ukrainian cookery also has "pyrohy" (many) or "pyrih" (one) (which sounds like "pierogi") - those are made with a yeast dough stuffed with 'stuff' and baked. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pirog and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pirozhki n.b. "pirog" is the Russian word.

  3. It sort of reminds me of .... Bush and his 'weapons of mass destruction'.

  4. As far as I can tell, the Russians haven't yet won because there is only one guy in Russia who wants to own Ukraine, and millions of Ukrainians who want to own it.

  5. In these days, claims like this tend to be projections of what's going on in your back yard. It makes me ponder in horror, what's going on in Putin's biolabs?

  6. The Russians (well, Soviet Union) did not do so well in Afghanistan, either.


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