27 July 2022

Divertimento #192

GIFs again.  I have literally thousands of regular text/article links, but these gifs are easier to post.  Note you may have to unmute some of the videos.

Oppenheimer's famous quote "... now I have become death, destroyer of worlds..."
How screw anchors work
Applying a new floor in a warehouse
The letters on a Rolls-Royce hubcap always remain upright
House on Cape Hatteras succumbs to coastal erosion
Some cars make fake engine sounds
A family having dinner
Extracting copper from cables

Frog escapes from snake
Magpie uses rocks to displace water
Dog vs. snake (dog wins in style)
This is a solifuge
Orangutans are powerful animals
Mountain goat approaching terminal velocity during descent
Hedgehogs taking a dust bath

Nature and Science
Sky event when rocket leaves atmosphere
Global shockwave of the Tonga volcano explosion
Walking on a natural bridge
Pollen released from a tree
A blowhole on the coast of India

Impressive or Clever
Kaleidoscope on a planter in a botanical garden
Woman shows how to alert chickens re a nearby hawk
Drone footage of a tornado
Extracting lithium from a battery and placing it in water
Adding pinstriping to a car
Quiet but effective student protest
If you like powerwashing videos, you will love this

Sports and Athleticism
Absolutely awesome volleyball rally
How to carry firewood back to your campsite

Fails and wtf
Skimmer found on a public ATM in Vienna

Humorous or cheerful
Supercut of scenes from Lord of the Rings involving two females interacting
Coyote and cat playing

Credit for all of the photos to Marcie O'Connor, who posted these as part of a larger gallery of natural events happening at Prairie Haven.  Identities and details about the plants and critters in the images are available at the source link.  And after you are done browsing the gallery there, take a few moments to explore the rest of the website...
"This blog tells the story of the old farm we bought in 2000, and the adventures we’ve had living here.

Our land is in the Driftless Area – the part of the midwest that was never covered by glaciers. Because of its rugged terrain, the land still has many remnants of the pre-settlement landscape – dry bluff prairies, overgrown savannas, sedge meadows and wet prairies. We’re working to protect and expand those remnants,  and to preserve their habitats for the native plants and animals that depend on them."


  1. I haven't had time to check all the links, but goat/rooster and dog/fish and puppy/hamster and package-sorting have all been removed.

    1. That actually doesn't surprise me, Sandra. This is a linkfest that I assembled back in June and I thought I had posted it, but found it today in my "drafts" folder, so I posted it today. These gifs are often ephemeral, which is one reason I haven't been using them for regular TYWKIWDBI posts.

  2. Dammit Stan, I should have been in bed hours ago. LoL

  3. I don't mean to downplay all your work, but wanted to call it to your (and your readers') attention. Many thanks for the lists!

    1. Understood. :-) I appreciate having a cadre of proofreaders following the blog, and for normal posts I do try to fix typos and broken links, but for gifs the linkrot is just too much to cope with. (a lot of them are clips of copyrighted material and rightfully get taken down quickly)

  4. The magpies in the fence still have us going just a bit.
    I have dozens of Eurasian Collared Doves just begging me to try it on them.

    Also , Hi Bruce and have a nice vacation, Stan.


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