15 February 2023

A cytology Valentine's Day greeting

For all the cytotechs and cytologists out there...  From the Heart-Shaped Pathology Twitter thread.  Reposted for 2023.


  1. As a former hosptial lab tech I appreciate this!

    1. IMHO, technical staff are the most underappreciated components of the health care system. Publicity and reward always go to "front-line" staff like doctors, nurses, EMTs. But behind them and supporting them are an army of cytotechs, lab prep technicians, respiratory therapists, PT staff, pharmacy technicians, radiology techs etc. Those are the people who get the actual work done.

  2. Second that positive comment about the under-appreciated infrastructure of health care. Similar letter-pareidolia in rocks: https://designyoutrust.com/2016/06/this-guy-collected-a-complete-stone-alphabet-over-10-years/


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