02 December 2019

A reminder of why some people choose to be vegan

A factory farm.  Image source not provided (probably PETA), via.


  1. All life lives at the expense of other life. It's the way of things. I don't condone this sort of cruelty, but neither do I feel like I'm 'holier-than-thou' by choosing to give up meat. Your choice of omnivorism, vegetarianism, or veganism is completely up to you as an individual; please respect mine as I respect yours.

    1. I doubt any vegan chooses a difficult commitment to a routine of eating that is almost wholly unsupported by regional food industry out of a sense of 'holier-than-thou' entitlement. We often *hear* this tossed back in our direction, bit, to us, it seems more like words put into our mouths when people self assign a punitive flavor to other people's behavior. And I'm saying this as someone who grew up on a farm reading chickens until 1993, went vegetarian the same year, and vegan in 2009. If you can trust me, an internet stranger, on this, I hope it's not hard to imagine that the years of undressed iceberg lettuce salads and plain baked potatoes wasn't offset by a feeling that, yes!, it's all worth it if someone feels like I think I'm better than they are.


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