08 June 2018

Divertimento #153

I really need to do some regular linkdumps to clean out my bookmark folders, but these gifs keep proliferating...

Squirrel ejector

Happiest dog ever

Dog knows how to chill at a swimming pool 

Is there a T. rex chasing everyone?

Peanut butter motivation for a dog on a treadmill

Praying mantis vs. mouse

Hit and run

Dog caught in the act (of being a dog)

Is the little fishy dead?  Nope!

Cows try to intimidate a Canada goose

Cat with cerebellar hypoplasia

Dog shares the last half of his cookie 

Duck vs. tiger


Throws like a girl

Catching the bridal bouquet

Couldn't do this again if he tried

Kid in green in a one-man wrecking crew

Street magic

Using electricity to burn wood

Superb invisible man costume

Runaway anchor (relevant to the etymology of "bitter end.")

Excellent moonwalk

Young woman climbs a wall 

Parisian immigrant climbs building exterior wall to save infant

This is Ona - a yacht owned by a Russian oligarch.  No, not that one.  The big one

Something something cliffs, in Ireland I think.  Can't remember.


Pasta extruder - very cool

Mastery of repetitive tasks


No hands after the first couple tumbles!

How a wire mesh is made (full video here)

This is not how you perform the "human wheel"

What would happen if you jump around in an elevator?

"Horizontal directional drilling" badly done

That's a cool way to drink beer!  Let me try that...

Dude picks fights with random people on street

How not to feed the birds

Crushing candles with a hydraulic press

Installing foam insulation

Tea leaves come back to life

Airplane windshield cracks mid-flight.  Science explained in this video.

A compilation video of what's wrong with FOX News

Baggage handler doesn't even try

How an Archimedes Screw works 

Liquid can boil and freeze simultaneously 

Calligraphy on watercolour paper

Simple magic trick

Speed-eating watermelon 

Alright.  Who stole the carrot?

Dog wants to help his human

How your brain can confuse a fake hand with your real one

Shopping with children

The difference between sisters and brothers

Dad trusts his kid too much  

The images embedded in this gif-fest are photochroms from Germany's Belle Époque.  More images (and explanations for these) at Hyperallergic.


  1. Something something cliffs are the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. (Also known as the Cliffs of Insanity in Princess Bride!) I was at the same spot about a month ago. Beautiful place.

  2. Than one with the two boys whipping each other is called "Lap Jack" in southeast Tennessee. My dad told me they used to play this, and whoever gave up first, lost. I only played it a couple of times, and only because I had been told about it. I don't reckon it's even known by most folks today.

  3. One of the things about Trump meeting with North Korea (per the Fox link) is that, in a sense, he is like Nixon meeting with China. Nixon had such a reputation for being a communist fighter that he was "trusted" when meeting with China. If a liberal had done that, everyone would probably have been saying, "Aha! I knew it: he's a communist." But Nixon could go precisely because no one remotely thought he was a communist.

    Same with Trump. Of all the rotten things he can say and do, not mistakes him for a pushover. I have wondered if the G7 thing was really a way of telegraphing North Korea that if Trump would stand up even to allies, how much more will he be someone to consider when it comes to an enemy.

    Of course, we all know Trump is an, um, "acquired taste." But even then, he is someone we know will not give away the farm.

    I don't think Obama would have given away the farm either (and he was dead right to be willing to meet with enemies--that's how we avoid wars...and maybe even make new allies). But the fact that he was a liberal would have caused any little flaw to be magnified as a compromise with the enemy, I think.

  4. Always appreciate these. The new UI at Reddit is pretty slow to load (over and over), it would be great to link directly to the gif if you can.

  5. Some nice ones here, e.g. the juggling.

    Having difficulty keeping up with your never-rains-but-it-pours blog these days, largely because my Internet priorities have been changing. Am spending less time on blogs and more on forum discussions. Can be a tad overwhelming to return.

  6. The calligraphy medium looks more like watercolour paper whith its characteristic texture. The bleeding effect looks like it's done on wet paper.

    1. I'll take your word for it (I was just guessing). Text amended. Thanks for the proofreading. :-)

    2. Thank *you* for the single most enjoyable blog I know. "Wonderful" is a somewhat lame word usually, but it fits tywkiwdbi in its truest sense.


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