14 February 2016

This is a "Caroline cart"

Target stores across the U.S. are adding a new type of cart to their stores that will make shopping easier for those with kids or adults with special needs. The carts, which are called Caroline’s Carts, are a new option in addition to the traditional shopping cart and will be in stores nationwide starting March 19.

The Caroline’s Carts sport Target’s traditional bright red baskets, but on the driver’s side is a larger harness-equipped seat and foam covered handles that swing outward. The seat is designed so that parents or caretakers can transfer a wheelchair-bound child or adult into the front seat, so that he or she doesn’t have to maneuver both a cart and wheelchair.

Caroline’s Carts were created by Drew Ann Long, an Alabama resident who designed the cart for her daughter Caroline. Caroline has a neurological disorder called Rett syndrome, and she had outgrown the child’s seat in traditional shopping carts. Long needed a better solution to make shopping easier with her 7-year-old daughter.
Via Neatorama (whence the photo, cropped for size).


  1. Another interesting addition for US shopping carts would be to use coins to get a cart. In Europe it is implemented and brought some discipline: you have to park back the cart after you unloaded it, in this way you will get back your coin. Otherwise carts will be all over the place, occupying parking spots. Some organizations are selling plastic coins (for fund raising, like Red Cross), you can attach them to your keys and never have problems to miss a coin and being unable to take a shopping cart. The coin in use is the 50 euro-cents coin.

    1. aldi, the European market making headway in the usa, uses quarters for their carts.



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