23 February 2016

Kudos to the Prime Minister of India

"PM Narendra Modi on Sunday touched the feet of a 104-year-old woman from a village in Chhattisgarh's Dhamtari district who sold her goats to build two toilets at her home.

Felicitating Kunwar Bai from Kotabharri village at the launch of 'Rurban Mission' in the state's Naxal-hit Rajandgaon district, Modi said her efforts to make her village open defecation free was a big sign of changing India.

To build toilets at her residence, she had sold-off her 8-10 goats and then urged villagers to build lavatories too. "
And this explanation from the Reddit discussion thread: "For those questioning why he touched her feet, in India and Hindu culture it's a sign of respect. You're showing humility and asking for the person's blessings. You normally touch the feet of a parent, grandparent, elder or guru before you undertake any major event, like a job interview or an exam. Some even do it daily for no reason other than to show their respect."

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