26 February 2016

Grammar is still important IRL

"A recent survey conducted by dating site Zoosk has found that grammar is incredibly important to millennials who participate in digital dating, meaning mostly everyone.

The survey found that 33% of those polled would give a potential flame the benefit of the doubt after using poor or improper grammar when messaging, but would opt to cease contact if the person habitually used bad grammar...

The most cringe-worthy infractions reported would make many middle and high school English teachers proud. Blatant spelling errors were the ultimate turn off, with the incorrect usage of there/their/they’re and your/you’re coming in second. Incorrect usage of punctuation wasn’t found to be too offensive, but when combined with spelling errors and improper forms of tenses produced many an eyeroll and reduced the likeliness of the person receiving a response... According to respondents, icky grammar is related to laziness and apathy. If a person can’t take the time to (correctly) spell out what they mean digitally, how much care will they put into a relationship IRL?"


  1. They'res still hope for humanity!

  2. What is an irl ?
    I tried to find it in my dictionary to no avail.
    Why is it written in capitals ?
    Is it an acronym ?
    This is an article about grammar, right ?
    If so, should it not be written I.R.L. ?

    1. It is, as you suspected, an acronym (perhaps too new for your dictionary) -


      I have only seen it written without periods.

    2. Just FYI, nobody spells anything interspersed with dots, because it takes forever to type. IMHO it's written in capitals so it won't be mistaken for a misspelled word. Just use urbandicionary(dot)com for this stuff, but YMMV.


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