05 June 2013

Video of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado

(Skip to 1:30 for the start of ground contact).  If you see one nearby, which direction should you flee?   Because tornados tend to track in a northeasterly direction -

- some experts suggests those in vehicles unable to reach shelters should drive south.


  1. >some experts suggests those in vehicles unable to reach shelters should drive south.

    You mean, like, to Brazil?

  2. 'tornados tend to track in a northeasterly direction'

    Does this mean that tornadoes in the Southern Hemisphere track in a south-westerly direction?

  3. Which direction to flee? That depends where I am in relation to the tornado. Not going to flee south if I'm to the north of the tornado. That said, assuming I'm due east of the thing, I'm probably heading southeast based on that map. Kind of like trying to reach the bank of a river, swim downstream on an angle.

  4. Only from looking at the map, it could be so much northeasterly as southwesterly? How about escaping on a perpendicular pay (northwest or southeast) ?

    1. I read some text describing the map, which indicated that the tracks were oriented toward the NE (I didn't include that link in the post).

  5. Go south? That is ridiculous. You should look at the tornado and see if it is coming AT you.

    If it is south, west of you and moving across - left-to-right or right-to-left - don't go anywhere - stay put. If it is southwest of you and coming mostly toward you, but slightly to one side, go to the OTHER side. E.g., if it is slightly moving to your right, go to your left - and vice versa.

    You have to play off where it is and how it is moving, There is no one solution. Going south could DEFINITELY put you right in its path.

    If it is north or east of you, stay put and don't worry about it.


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