01 June 2013

Sometimes mistaken for a "chupacabra"

Photographed at a Toronto apartment complex.   You probably won't guess what it is without looking beneath the fold...
The posture might give it away; otherwise it's almost unrecognizable as a raccoon with alopecia:

More details by the photographer at the Reddit source thread.  Comments there suggest that it is not suffering from mange, which is inflammatory and results in scratching of the skin. 

What strikes me is how bulky raccoons are (of course these are urban ones that are harvesting garbage and pet food).  But even in the wild they are not fluffy balls of fur.


  1. Every May 5th, a Chupacabra leaves me a bottle of tequila under my cactus.

  2. Just like me, that thing should never never appear in public without at least a tee-shirt. And the black socks? Musta been in a "smoker."


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