12 March 2011

Wives per GOP presidential candidate

I'll defer commentary, which you can find at the Salon source.
For our data pool, we considered Republicans who have publicly expressed an interest in running next year or who have engaged in some overt campaign activity (taking part in CPAC or a recent cattle call in Iowa, for instance). Joining Gingrich in the three-timers club are Buddy Roemer, Rudy Giuliani... and Donald Trump.


  1. Wonder how this would look for the Democrats?

  2. I do wonder what it would look like for Democrats but currently Obama would be at 1 and in the last election you would have Hillary dragging down the average with her 0 wives.

  3. The statistic is a bit sexist. Perhaps spouses per candidate would have been more apropos?

  4. The number of wives (spouses) of presidential candidates standing for
    election is actually close to the national average:

    If I had time, I'd try to average out all candidates for each party but I find these results interesting in their own right.

    It should be noted that these numbers are from the time of election. Divorces after the election were not counted. Further, none of the divorced candidates left their spouses within 15 years of the election.


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