25 March 2011

It takes all kinds...

Offered without comment.  Via Reddit.  Click for bigger to read about the "boose parties."


  1. Someone should point out to them that they're driving a foreign van (Toyota). Bet they're against that sort of stuff too.

  2. This guy's vote counts the same as mine...

  3. Jerry in, around, and of DallasMarch 25, 2011 at 11:12 AM

    Sigh...the price of free speech, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Great entertainment.

  4. "bare arms" lol... I guess if you can't make sense, make nonsense.

  5. This mode of dementia is interesting. The ALL CAPS writing, plastered across all surfaces of a house or vehicle. "sound bite" phrases that seem "deep" but are just random.

    It's a pretty common meme.

    I saw a car this morning, a pro-vegan car plastered with anti-meat slogans and pictures. Very similar style. There is also a guy around our town that has his "Ideafarm" vehicle, with similar ravings. And the famous Frank Chu of San Francisco, who's signs are not even pronounceable.

    Is it harmless or not? I'm sure it is an interesting trail of clues to the workings of the human mind.



  6. The right to bare arms? I think Michelle established that when she went sleeveless at a state dinner.

  7. If there was ever a better case for having to pass a basic IQ test before being able to have children, I have yet to see it.

  8. As Mark said, it's not a matter of IQ. It's also not even known whether this person has children.

    Your comment really didn't have anything to do with the post once you think about it, anon.

  9. Geez, Mike, what are you, the comment police? Lighten up.

  10. "Your comment really didn't have anything to do with the post once you think about it, anon."


  11. You guys are all a bunch of numbnuts .

  12. Okay, if you consider "UFO" a symbol, then the pluralization of "UFO" as "UFO's" is technically grammatically correct. And that means, There Are No Incorrect Usages of Apostrophes on This Vehicle! (At least on this side.)

    Hey, that's progress!


  13. Lurker, I think you're citing an old-fashioned style. It doesn't matter whether UFO is a "symbol" or acronym - the apostrophe still conventionally designates a possessive use, not a plural.

    This from Wikipedia entry on acronyms:

    "The traditional style of pluralizing single letters with the addition of ’s (for example, B’s come after A’s) was extended to some of the earliest initialisms, which tended to be written with periods to indicate the omission of letters; some writers still pluralize initialisms in this way. Some style guides continue to require such apostrophes—perhaps partly to make it clear that the lower case s is only for pluralization and would not appear in the singular form of the word, for some acronyms and abbreviations do include lowercase letters.

    However, it has become common among many writers to inflect initialisms as ordinary words, using simple s, without an apostrophe, for the plural. In this case, compact discs becomes CDs. The logic here is that the apostrophe should be restricted to possessives: for example, the CD’s label (the label of the compact disc)."

    More at the link here -


  14. Is this one of Westboro's franchise ministries?


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