04 March 2011

This is your face on meth

Selections from a group of 21 before-and-after mug shots posted at MSNBC, via the J-Walk Blog.


  1. Drugs are bad, ok?

    Too bad we can't get meth and crack dealers to put these pictures on the packages so consumers can see them.

  2. The war on drugs is a total failure, as these photos clearly show. For all the billions of dollars and hundreds of lives lost in this "war," drugs of all kinds are available everywhere in this country to anyone with the money to buy them.

  3. Propaganda. Sure illegal drugs in most cases are bad and I would never advocate that someone experiment with meth or crack but I've done a lot of meth in my day and I mean A LOT and I have a good job, all my teeth and my face looks the same minus some wrikles.
    The "faces of meth" campaign, while I understand it's desired result, is not anymore the truth about drugs and drug use as the story behind my practically unchanged face.
    Yes, I have definitely suffered through easily avoidable misfortunes due to my involvement with illegal drugs; I'm just saying that these pictures present a very distorted view of something I know more than most about.

  4. This is worth your time if you want to understand why anyone would do meth.


  5. I have tried to post a comment in reply to anonymous twice - once yesterday morning and again now and each time I have met with failure.
    why did you bar me from being able to comment on this post? Was my initial comment so offensive? Does my admitting to having done crystal meth forfeit my right to an opinion in your eyes and on your blog? If that is indeed the case then I feel surprised and sad but mostly I feel sorry for you.

  6. Geez, don't be so touchy. I haven't touched or deleted your comments (and I just checked - they weren't held for review by the spam filter.) I almost never delete anyone's comments unless they are personally attacking other commenters. I could care less whether you've done meth or not.

  7. I was afraid of that. My bad - as they say. So very sorry for not giving you the benefit of the doubt... truly.

  8. Anyway... certainly no propaganda to be found when you "meet crystal meth" at the mostly ridiculous link submitted by Anonymous. Thank goodness he didn't forget to mention the Nazi soldiers but sadly remiss in that he neglected to disclose Adolf Hitler's legendary/mythic eight-ball (3.5 grams) a day habit. Obviously I must beg to differ with the argument presented at the link against because from my experience the dude's "information" it is primarily bullpucky.
    Heroin and crack (but believe it or not, not cocaine) are drugs that are physiologically addicting i.e. if you don't maintain your usage of said substance you will experience several negative physical symptoms due to your body's withdrawal from said substance. Amphetamine type drugs such as crystal meth (which is actually most commonly called "Speed") as well as marijuana do not produce any scientifically measurable physical dependence however with chronic use/abuse they are extremely psychologically addictive i.e. withdrawal is purely psychological and psychosomatic; which I would argue is the more difficult of the two types of addiction to combat.
    Speed has been around and abused for a long time; as to its supposed recent spike in popularity I could not but offer opinion. However I have never met any speed user who would rather be using cocaine if it were only cheaper or marijuana if it were only more (tee hee) available.
    Finally please allow me to explain that I do not enjoy revealing my personal life to strangers and more importantly that I do not advocate the recreational or chronic use of any illegal drug.
    Mostly I feel that if anyone is interested enough to investigate this subject as much as Anonymous has, that they would prefer to know more of the actual truth than they would manipulations for effect.


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