15 June 2018


Said to be samples from locations in the Sahara Desert.  Readers at the Reddit post suggested it looks like a "bronzer" (which I had to look up).  Someone else offered a picture of their sand collection.


  1. Someone I knew in FL said that every morning there would be a layer of fine dust on his car. He said it blew over from the Sahara. This guy was no jerk. I forget how he found that out.
    Thank you for all your posts. I love TYWKIWDBI!

  2. You don't have to travel to the Sahara for this diversity. Alum Bay, round the corner from The Needles on the South coast of the Isle of Wight off the South coast of Gt Britain off the NW coast of Europe makes a business out of sand-art in glass bottles. Example: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lovedaylemon/1018267933. I was there making something unsubtle in 1962. I'm glad to see they haven't run out yet and you can still pick your own tint (from choice of 20+) http://www.theneedles.co.uk/attractions/sand-shop/

    1. Alum!
      That was where I was thinking of as soon as I saw the photo but couldn't remember the name. Thank you Bob. Not as long ago as 1962 though... I was there in '77!

    2. Interesting and impressive. Thanks, Bob.

  3. Hawaii also has sand/dirt/etc in so many colors and shades, sometimes it looks like shadows and sunshine, but is actually the hue of the earth.


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