12 June 2018

"Please Mr. postman... "

Yes, I know it's a difficult job.   Carriers work long days (our mail occasionally isn't delivered until after 6 p.m.) driving sometimes dodgy roads in unpleasant weather.  But it's so very frustrating when they seem to give up.

One Friday I was expecting a package that required my signature, and the tracking number said "Out For Delivery," so I did some chores near a window to monitor street traffic.  I saw the postman arrive, linger momentarily at the mailbox, then continue down the street.  When I walked out to the street I found in the mailbox the dreaded note: "SORRY WE MISSED YOU..."

There was no way I wanted to wait until Monday and then have to drive to the post office, and I knew that she would be coming back on the other side of the street, so I went across and waited for her return.

She smiled and said "Oh, my goodness.  How lucky for you that you got home when you did..."

Now I leave notes on the mailbox.

More than you need to know about "Please Mr. Postman"


  1. Did you call her out on it? Acknowledging to her that her work is stressful would be orthogonal from telling her not to pull this one again at your place.

  2. Sometimes you have to make a judgment call about whether a homeowner looks to be at home. Something obvious like an open front door or garage door would have helped (if you had not done so).


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