26 February 2016

Roads to Rome

"...we created an algorithm that calculates one route leading to Rome, Italy for every starting point in Europe. The more often a single street segment is used, the stronger it is drawn on the map...

...we adjusted our routing to find the closest Rome to every location in the USA. Each color represents routes leading to the closest Rome of this very starting point. Adjusting and coloring the routing to multiple destinations resulted in a very interesting territorial picture. Thus, every location is connected to the nearest Rome according to fastest travel time."

More European maps at the link. 

Via Gerard Vlemmings' The Presurfer.

1 comment:

  1. I am surprised that no one has commented on this. This tool has lots of potential use. The 2 examples make sense to me.
    This might be useful for examining US/Mexico relations, Germany/Turkey, or just about anything you can think of. It's an algorithm so you will need good data.


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