02 February 2016

Girl with a pearl headdress

I've been unable to find details about this painting, except that it is entitled "Girl with a Pearl Headdress" and is attributed to the "Central European School" in 1625-1635.

My train of thought on seeing this was to wonder what this girl would think were she to be transported to our modern world and be taken for a visit to our local Target store, where girls of a similar age consider themselves fully dressed while wearing millimeter-thick leggings topped by a Green Bay Packers t-shirt. 

Would she be... shocked?  Or jealous of their freedom?  Or... would our local tweens be jealous of her?

Via A London Salmagundi.


  1. I don't know, but she'd probably fit right in if she wore that pearl headdress to a Packer's game.

  2. That stiff, lacy collar is a bit useless and she would probably overheat in the warmer months.

  3. She would perhaps wonder why her peers were cross-dressing in weird old clothing.


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