19 June 2013

The internal graveyard of injet printer ink

Discussed at Reddit, especially re switching to a laser printer.


  1. This may finally explain the "Mystery of the Perpetually Leaking Printer" at my previous job. It was a very old inkjet printer, used to print about 10 to 20 sheets a day for a fair few years. One day, we found a puddle of sticky black ink underneath it. But the ink cartridge wasn't even remotely empty. In fact, the printer continued to drip sticky ink at a steady rate, regardless of the level of ink in the cartridge.

    Eventually, tired of constantly changing the paper towels the printer rested on to mop up the ink, our manager finally consented to the purchase of a new inkjet printer, on the condition we kept the old one "as a spare".

    A year later, we rediscovered it in its box in the store-cupboard... in a huge puddle of old ink - even though the cartridges had been removed! At the time we were baffled. Now, it all becomes clear!


  2. I've had only a black-ink laser printer for quite a few years. One cartridge lasts about a year (and I am HOA president, so I print lots of stuff), and costs about the same as an ink jet cartridge that lasts for a month or so. The waste is simply astounding.

  3. I've found it is cheaper to just buy a new printer that comes with ink than to buy ink seperately.


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