27 June 2013

The Commonwealth of... Virgina?

In total, 1,481 undergraduate and graduate diplomas from fall 2012 and spring 2013 were misspelled, according to Joe Carpenter, Radford's chief communications officer. In a statement, Carpenter told ABCNews.com that the diplomas actually had two spelling errors on them. In addition to "Virginia" being misspelled "Virgina," the word "thereto" was spelled "therto."
Story at Yahoo!  Photo: ABC News/Courtesy Meghan McNeice.


  1. Cruelly humorous to me. Radford doesn't have the best academic reputation... go Hokies

  2. I worked at the Radford Walmart back in the day. We got a shipment of VT shirts that we had to pack up 3 hours after putting them out because they said "Virgina Tech"


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