01 June 2013

"Rust and Bone"

I watched "Rust and Bone" last night. It's an engaging movie, not always easy to watch because the behavior or the characters themselves is not always appealing, but the acting is superb.  I remembered Marion Cotillard from her multi-award-winning portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose; Matthias Schoenaerts was new to me. 

This is not your typical Hollywood movie (it's French-Belgian), and though categorized as a romantic drama, it's not the stereotypical chick-flick.  It is brutally frank about some of the less-pleasant aspects of life.  The scene in which Marion Cotillard's character briefly reunites with the orcas is magical, and her overall performance is superb, even when (especially when) she sits quietly, reacting to events around her.

Those who have seen it are invited to add their own mini-reviews in the Comments.


  1. Very worthwhile- missed it at the theater but glad I caught up with it...

  2. Thanks. It's been in my queue since March. You've given me reason to watch it.
    The same director made 'A Prophet' (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1235166/combined). A prison movie done the way the French do gangster movies. With no sugar added.


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