13 June 2013

Meanwhile, in a Netherlands shopping mall...

The slogan 'Our Heroes are Back' is used to announce that, after an absence of one decade, all major pieces in the Rijksmuseum's collection are back where they belong.  (The Flashmob recreates Rembrandt's Night Watch).  (p.s. - high res - good for fullscreen viewing)


  1. Interesting side-note: Despite this being a full-fledged well-filmed ad, it was truly a flash-mob for shoppers.

    This is filmed in the Barones-Mall in Breda, the Netherlands - my home town. My mom missed the recording by a few hours.


    The choice of Breda is not accidental, as it was home of the Nassaus before they became the rulers of the Netherlands. Some of the first generations are still buried in the Church of our Lady. Breda played an important role in the Spanish days of Holland. We played a Trojan horse trick on the Spanish occupiers with a pelt ship - the Dutch hiding under the pelt that the Spanish needed to stay warm.


    Currently, the site is that of the military academy.


    Funnest fact of all fun facts: Until recently all Mentos were made in Breda. Sadly, the company got bought and now some are made in Kentucky as well. Sacrilege! I used to bike by the factory on my way to school, and you could always smell if they were making minty, fruity or licorice ones.


    End random fun facts through the magic of internet ;-)

    1. Very interesting. Thank you for the insight, Nepkarel.


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